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Wellness Event in Malibu

A Wellness Event for the books! Jamie and I had a wonderful time throwing a Love and Light Wellness Event for a bride-to-be bachelorette party in Malibu. After prepping for the event, getting the gift bags just right, all the details printed out, we went on a beautiful road trip up the coast to Malibu. Winding up through the hills, we ended our journey at an adorable and rather stylish house tucked away in the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

It was an intimate occasion with a small group of women. The goal was to focus on restoration of mind, body and spirit. While I led everyone through a private Yoga class, Jamie prepped a delicious and nutritious meal (recipes will be posted soon) including: Pumpkin Chia Pudding, Avocado Toast, and Matcha Lattes, can someone say yum! Following the healthy and gorgeous breakfast we had an arts and crafts activity planned focused on Holistic Health. After jamming out to some indie rock, the event ended with a soothing meditation and restorative Reiki session.

It is a blessing to work with my best friend and bring a dream to fruition. Helping to provide healing and wellness to others and bonding with strong and independent women. So excited to plan our next event, and look forward to bringing our customized services to others in the community!

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Healthy mind, body and spirit!


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