Yoga by the beach


Welcome to Love & Light Wellness.

Striving to create a compassionate community that promotes

a healthy mind and body. We emphasize positive lifestyle,

female empowerment, self love, and the wanderlust spirit.

Hope you enjoy and stay a little while!​

Love & Light Wellness is a safe space for those that are seeking a positive mind and balanced lifestyle.


Jamie and Jessie are here to share their passion for Yoga, Reiki, Sound Healing, Crystal Energy, cooking delicious recipes, experiencing new places, self-love and a healthy mind-body connection.

About Us

Jessie Brady, Yoga and Reiki

Jessie Brady

Jessie grew up in Huntington Beach, California and from a young age has been an empath who is passionate about holistic health.

She is a Reiki Certified Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Sound Meditation Guide and works with Crystal Energy. She provides private and group sessions for Reiki, Yoga and Sound Meditation either at her location or she can come to you. Jessie loves giving back to the community and hopes to help you re-balance, restore and relax.

Jamie Liberio, lifestyle and reiki

Jamie Liberio

Jamie is a California native with a medical marketing background, but a lifestyle in holistic health and wellness. She loves sharing tools she's used to create a life of alignment with more balance. 

Jamie's passionate about promoting a positive and loving community for women. If she's not working she's geeking out at a farmers market, obsessing over numerology and essential oils, planning her next travel adventure, making friends with strangers,

at yoga, or staying active. 

“How you love yourself is
how you teach others to love you”